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Is Your Current Approach to Health Working?


Are you chasing after symptoms with drugs that don't work?


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Discover Refresh Wellness

Your experience at Refresh Wellness will be different from anything you’ve experienced in your healthcare journey before. We combine the latest science with the tried and true teachings of naturopathic medicine.

Learn more about the methodologies used at Refresh Wellness:

Anxiety and Low Mood


Sleep Problems

Joint Pain and Arthritis

Autoimmune Conditions

Skin Issues and Hives 

Helping you Correct Health Confusion

It can be confusing and scary when your body seems to be working against you. With Quantum Biofeedback, Ionic Foot Baths, and Homeopathics we want to help! We use these amazing technologies to help reduce the stress on your body to help you get back to Homeostasis. Our approach is successful in helping people with many complex and chronic health concerns:

Thyroid Problems

Hormone Imbalance

Allergies and Asthma

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If you’re looking for a natural approach to your health confusion, we would love to serve you. We invite you to learn more about what it’s like to become a member at Refresh Wellness in just 3 steps:



We believe that knowledge and education are power. That’s why we invite you to attend one of our online webinars before your first consultation.



Schedule a Wellness Evaluation which allows us to understand your health situation and allows you to learn what to expect from becoming a member.



If you decide during your initial wellness evaluation that you would like to become a member, we will get you started right away so you can start feeling better.

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