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During a two hour session, we will work on stress reduction and finding the root of the issues you are experiencing to help you feel your best!

During a one hour session, our focus will be to work on reducing certain stressors in your life and see how Biofeedback can work for you!
A one-hour session for either your cat or dog for their stress reduction. Come in today to see how Biofeedback can help reduce your pets stress and help promote relaxation. 
There are many reasons to try the Ionic Foot Bath, and it is so simple. Only 40 minutes and you can visibly see the results.
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Therapeutic Massage - 60 Minutes


Therapeutic Massage - 75 Minutes


Therapeutic Massage - 90 Minutes


Massage is the manipulation of the body's soft tissue to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation. I offer cupping, hot stones, hot towel, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy.